Telling our stories

Injured workers are many times the forgotten part of the Workers' Compensation system. We get injured, leave work and are out of the picture for most of you. It is easy to dismiss all injured workers as frauds and cheats when they are faceless.

So here are a few of the many people whose lives have been forever changed by workplace injury or disease.

Listen to Tewduda, member of Women of Inspiration, on how the Board's "deeming" policy has hurt the whole family
my names is M
Letter carrier, hit by truck while on the job, wants safe return to her work but has to battle against both her employer and the Board
Sylvia Clarke's struggle for justice and financial security turned this injured worker into an activist who refuses to give up!
Tony Buttaro
A Hamilton steelworker, physically and mentally traumatized following back injury, battles steel giant and WCB for dignity in life and work
Overcoming barriers
Photo project by six members of Latin American Women for Justice share what their lives are like now with permanent disability after their accident
Halima Tato
(CBC radio) Experience rating perils...Halima Tato tells of pressure to return to work the day after serious injury, and struggle to have claim recognized
Tony Mauro
Tony Mauro's poem "Gli infortunati sul lavoro / The injured workers". We gave Canada so much and received in return a half-life of pain...
Photo exhibition
Photo exhibit by CLEONet & IAVGO shows the reality of lives changed by injury and illness for Ontario injured workers and their families
Steve Mantis
A letter from Steve - co-founder of Thunder Bay Injured Workers Support Group on how support from family and friends aided his recovery from accident