USW donation to ONIWG Legal Defence Fund

Merv King and Andrew Eyles (United Steelworkers IW Project) hand Peter Page and Karl Crevar a generous donation to ONIWG's legal defence fund.

ONIWG calls on Premier Wynne to restore fairness [read their July 22, 2014 letter]

" No workers' compensation policies have ever been such an explicit attack on the rights of injured workers..." Lawyers send a strong message to the Premier - [read their March 14, 2014 letter]

IWC Submissions on WSIB Draft Benefits Policies (Apr. 30, 2014). Click here to read more responses (from ONIWG, OFL and others) on why the Board should abandon these new draft benefits policies.

The Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) is trying to radically change the workers' compensation system in Ontario, at the expense of all workers. It is attempting to push through a series of policies that, if passed, will ensure that fewer injured workers will be entitled to compensation, and those who are entitled will get far less. And costs that should be paid by employers will be downloaded onto working people by pushing more injured workers onto social assistance.

petition to Premier Wynne Ask Premier Kathleen Wynne to hold true to her poverty reduction platform by stepping in to stop these regressive policies from being implemented.

Check recommendations made in the Stdg Cttee on Govt Agencies report on the WSIB (Nov. 2013) - including reconsideration of appeals changes, funding of injured worker stakeholder groups, followup on Arthurs' report.. [read here]

Voodoo science? Surveillance of injured workers [IAVGO presentation to Bancroft workshop, April 15, 2014 - pdf]

New video from Operation Maple on Ontario's injured workers' struggles is a collaborative effort of injured workers, trade unionists, community activists and advocates, and doctors. We seek better treatment for injured workers by their employers, government and workers' compensation system.

What's new? Calendar

September 17, 2014: Online registration open for Fall 2014 Eastern Ontario H&S/WCB Labour School

September 12, 2014: An unjust attack on CPP-disability at the expense of the vulnerable? (Toronto Star)

September 6, 2014: Lost time claims fall [Sun News] - not the whole story says OFL

September 6, 2014: September issue of ONIWG newspaper "Justice for Injured Workers" now available [details]

September 1, 2014: Injured workers - join in the Labour Day parade! [details]

August 28, 2014: Australian researchers requesting your assistance with international survey of impact of workplace death on families [details]

August 27, 2014: CIHR speaker series on gender, work & health (Oct. 3) - Dr Alex Collie lecture [flyer]

August 6, 2014: Manitoulin injured workers raise awareness at Kagawong Summer Fest about claims denial (Manitoulin Expositor)

July 28, 2014: CUPE Ontario again calls for Premier Wynn to scrap harmful draft benefit policies [letter]

July 7, 2014: Cheri di Novo tables WSIA amendment on emergency responders' PTSD

July 3, 2014: "Letter: Will Wynne walk the walk?" (and fix WSIB problems?) (Toronto Star)

July 2, 2014: Health & safety issues for low wage temp agency workers (IWH video)

June 27, 2014: Former Board Chair speaks out: To save money, the fairness at the core of Ontario's workers' compensation system is being undermined (Toronto Star)

June 16, 2014: "WSIB expands surveillance on clients, documents reveal" (Toronto Star)

June 14, 2014: "No safe use: the Canadian asbestos epidemic" (Globe and Mail)

June 6, 2014: Ontario Election 2014 - where the parties stand on income security [includes workers comp]- ISAC website

June 3, 2014: Injured Workers Day 2014 roundup - read here!

May 23, 2014: Another report from the picket lines! [read here]

May 22 & 28, 2014: Public meetings by private bar lawyer Richard Fink on class action lawsuit [details]

May 20, 2014: WSIAT decision finds stress provisions of Act unconstitutional [OHSInsider online]

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